Association of non-formal education

The Association of Non-Formal Education was formed in January 2013 as an initiative of people whohave been involved in various roles in the European Commission's Programme "Youth in Action" - the programme supporting the non-formal education of young people between 2007 - 2013. We build on our many years of experience in the field, in order to maintain and further develop the know-how that we have gathered during the 7 years of the programme's duration.

More about us

Our vision

We strive for the world in which young people will choose their educational paths according to their needs, interests and approaches that suit them.

Our mission

Non-formal education is our life. We support the quality of youth work by educating youth workers, bringing innovations and European trends in non-formal learning, and by linking non-formal and formal education approaches.

Our Principles

We want your learning with us to be motivational and inspirational. We like to learn with you and from you across Europe. We are particular about quality and meaningfulness. We work at home and also internationally. Differences inspire us.

Non-formal education

We strive to perceive education in a wider context than just from the perspective of education in schools. For us, non-formal education is a tool for changing the view of education and learning. At the same time, it is an effective tool to stimulate self-development. Non-formal learning means to learn voluntarily, deliberately, and from experience.




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News from our events, trainings and projects

Questionnaire for colleagues in the field of youth work

Friends, we need your help in creating a Future Labs brochure, full of ideas and inspiration in innovation work with youth. Please fill in the 26.4 Thursday, ...

We are looking for Czech participants

Do you work actively with young people or even better with young people with fewer opportunities? Do you want to learn new methods and techniques that you could use at work? ...

Follow-up: C4C project

We know what's going on ... do you want? The C4C - Cooperation for Communication project was successfully organized and completed in October 2017. You're wondering what's going on ...


We wish the wonderful and successful year 2018 to all fans of ANEV! :)

Hallmark of Quality Prize

On 18. In December, the trainer Helenka Koskova took over the ANEV Award of Quality Award, which we received from the Foreign Cooperation House for the EVS Gathering project. Its main ...

Is it a bit of magic?

Sign on to A Kind of Magic! This is a long-term international training for youth workers, focusing on the theme of diversity work - diversity. ...

Marker CS applications

Already in 19. December you can report to Marker CS! Do not miss your chance - you never know when to repeat it again

FutureLabs - We've had our first partner meeting

In the FutureLabs project, we are actively working on innovative methods for youth work, preparing training and filming the first podcasts. At the end of November 2017, all partner organizations ...

We went through training to measure quality in youth work

With the preparation of the next year of the well-trained Marker CS training, a preparatory team composed of members of the ANEV and our Slovak partner YouthWatch passed a quality measurement training ...

Marker CS: What do the participants see?

Marker CS 2018 training is open for registration, we accept the first application by mid November. If you are interested in details, please visit, where you will find a link to the login ...

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