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Coach the Change

Friends, we are looking for Czech participants to the international Coach the Change, which will take place in October this year and in the ice next year in Slovakia. Are you interested in methods of coaching and non-violent communication? Would you like to inspire your colleagues and learn new methods and techniques that will enrich you and improve the quality of your work? You work for an organization that [...]

One Last Chance

Conflict = Scarecrow with potential? Come with us in July ( to international training in Lithuania and learn the conflict in working with young people to use to your advantage. We are looking for two Czech participants, youth workers older 18 years with sufficient knowledge of the English language who will be able to gain knowledge and skills further on [...]

We are looking for Czech participants

Do you work actively with young people or even better with young people with fewer opportunities? Do you want to learn new methods and techniques that you could use at work? Are you willing to share with your colleagues at home what you have learned and learned? We offer you the opportunity to take part in the International Training Innovative Tools for Youth Workers under the Future [...]

Follow-up: C4C project

We know what's going on ... do you want? The C4C - Cooperation for Communication project was successfully organized and completed in October 2017. Are you wondering what happened after it's ending, and how do you manage to implement the knowledge and skills you have in the participating countries? See the official project output report. Learn more about C4C in [...]

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