Bára Rodi (Bláhová)

"If you don't have time to bake bread, you don't have time to live" Satish Kumar
Contact: barbora.blahova@gmail.com, + 420 777 619 737

Thematic areas I like to train: Teaching skills, volunteering and specifically volunteer work European voluntary service, project management, healthy lifestyle, communication, teamwork, informal education, outdoor, sport as a means of social change ... And I can coach :).

Target groups I work with: Young people, NGOs and their staff, youth workers, EDS volunteers, tutors, facilitators, trainers and young people who want to write and create a project.

Education: Training of trainers, Salto, 2010-2011 English Language Course for Youth Leaders, Dublin, Ireland, Council of Europe Workouts Synergy Group, Ommen, Netherlands University - Palacky University in Olomouc, General Medicine, 2001-2008

In which languages ​​can I train: English, Czech

Location of activity (where I am able to train): Czech Republic, Europe, the world! I have Tutoring experience from Tanzania, now I will not snap anything :)

For more information: At present, I am very fond of the theme of nature as an environment, method and means of learning, non-violent communication and communication Way of Council and theme transitional rituals .
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