Rubric Archive: Non-formal education

We are looking for Czech participants

Do you work actively with young people or even better with young people with fewer opportunities? Do you want to learn new methods and techniques that you could use at work? Are you willing to share with your colleagues at home what you have learned and learned? We offer you the opportunity to take part in the International Training Innovative Tools for Youth Workers under the Future [...]

Follow-up: C4C project

We know what's going on ... do you want? The C4C - Cooperation for Communication project was successfully organized and completed in October 2017. Are you wondering what happened after it's ending, and how do you manage to implement the knowledge and skills you have in the participating countries? See the official project output report. Learn more about C4C in [...]

FutureLabs - We've had our first partner meeting

In the FutureLabs project, we are actively working on innovative methods for youth work, preparing trainings and filming our first podcasts. At the end of November 2017, all partner organizations from Finland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Italy went to the Finnish Youth Center in Hyvärilä, where we agreed on all the details of cooperation and we did a huge amount of work on the [...]

We went through training to measure quality in youth work

With the preparations for the next year of the well-trained Marker CS training, a preparatory team composed of members of the ANEV and our Slovak partner YouthWatch passed a training course on quality measurement in youth work. An expert on the subject, Jonas Agdur, led the InterCity Youth organization and initiated a quality measurement system for youth work in Sweden. They [...]

Marker CS: What do the participants see?

Marker CS 2018 training is open for registration, we accept the first application by mid November. If you are interested in details, please visit, where you will find a link to the login form. This article provides an evaluation of participants in the last year of training. Zuzana Ševčková from TeCeMka: At Marker CS you will find out what is needed for young people and you will experience topics that you can use [...]

We have opened the registration for the next Marker CS!

The next year of successful accredited MarkerCS training is being prepared in cooperation with Slovak partners from YouthWatch for 2018. And we've already logged in! Check out the details of the project on the website and the experience of previous year participants on the facebook page. The first round of signing is closed with 15. November and interest is great - do not hesitate!

Reports from Portugal: C4C

Participant Eva Błechová, posted by ANEV to Communication 4 Cooperation training in Portugal, evaluates the action as follows: We have spent an incredibly positive and beautiful week at training in sunny Lisbon. We met other people from different parts of the world (Norway, Iceland, Finland-Pakistan, Slovenia, Poland, Italy-Bulgaria, Macedonia, Spain-Colombia, Greece and, of course, visiting Portugal). The course was balanced, so we [...]

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