Jana Jarošová

I'm straight. I do not do things of habit or half, I do it differently and prefer to be enthusiastic. What I say is true. I'm not lost in chaos. I can say clear and convincing YES. I'm not afraid to speak and express my opinion and at the same time know when to keep silent.
Contacts: jarosova.jan@gmail.com, + 420 776 782 459

Thematic areas I like to train: Job search, job preparation and tenders, discovering your own potential, working diagnostics, project logic and project design, self-presentation, facilitation, clothing styling and dress code.

Target groups I work with: Young people aged 11 - 30 years, youth workers, volunteers, motivated people to work

Formal: Facility - Facilitation Arts (2016), Professional Qualification "Further Education Lecturer" (2014), Masaryk University - Faculty of Social Studies, Social Work with Case Management Consultancy (2010 - 2012, Master's State Exam) (2008 - 2009, Bachelor State Exam), Private Higher Social School, ops, Jihlava, specialization Social Work (2005 - 2008, absolutorium,

Informal: Association of make-up artists and stylists (2016 - 2018 - Personal image book, Image of men, Image of women, Color typology), Vypsaná fixa (2013 - 2014- multiphase training, presentation skills, project logic, , 200 hours)

Languages ​​in which I can train: Czech

Location: Czech Republic, Slovakia
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