Karolína Kousalová

"Everything happens for a reason."
Contact: karolina.kousalova@gmail.com

Thematic areas I like to train: Intercultural education, volunteering, (self) evaluation and competence development, communication, empowerment.

Target groups I work with: Youth (15-30 Flight) - European volunteer volunteers, high school students, college students, ...; youth workers, European Voluntary Service Coordinators, educators.

Education: Formal - FF UK Prague (Swedish, Translation / Interpretation German) - Mgr. Informal - 4 Phase International Training for Trainers (2012-2013). Training for Trainers Focusing on Intercultural Competence (2015). Critical Thinking Course (2012). Shorter courses in interculturing (Access to Intercultural Education, Anti-Bias, Living Library, Work with Values, Identity) and more.

In which languages ​​can I train: Czech English German

Location of activity (where I am able to train): The Czech Republic and abroad.

For more information: Erasmus + Program Coach: Youth
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