Lenka Polcerová

"There's no point in being grown up, if you can not act a little childish sometimes."
Contact: lenka.polcerova@anev.cz

The first project in non-formal education graduated in 2003, since 2005 is actively organizing it. She has worked voluntarily at the United Games of Nations as Project Coordinator and mentor and coordinator of the European Voluntary Service, she has worked in the United Games International at the board of directors, arranging communication and PR.

In the years of 2011-2014, she worked at the Czech National Agency for Youth, where she managed and evaluated the non-formal education projects in the Youth in Action Program, coordinated training for applicants and youth workers and expertly devoted to the topic of non-formal education. Since 2014 has been the chairwoman of the Association of Non-Formal Education and has coordinated educational projects focused on youth work. Since 2015 has been working in an organization INEX - Association of Voluntary Activities, linking non-formal education with international volunteering and education for active citizenship.

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