Lucie Schubert (Frišová)

"Learning to Do - Doing to Learn - Earning to Live - Living to Serve." (The FFA motto)
Contact:, + 420 605 563 130

Thematic areas I like to train: Youth in Action / Erasmus +, informal education, key competencies, youth exchanges, initiatives, EDS mentoring, EDS and volunteer work, KA2 - strategic partnerships, cross-sectoral cooperation.

  • Facilitation of conferences, design of un-conference formats, open space technology, world café, Appreciative inquiry and other art of hosting methods.
  • Strategic planning, organizational development.
  • Social entrepreneurship, young entrepreneurship, green entrepreneurship, competence entrepreneurship and sense of initiative, working with lean canvas, business canvas, emotional map, human centered design, design thinking and more.
  • Free principles at work, freedom at work, social responsibility.
  • Leadership, Team-Building and Team Collaboration, Security and Crisis Management, General Project Management, Design of Educational Programs and Leisure Activities, Dramaturgy - Use of Experiential Pedagogy, Intercultural Learning and Competence, Human Rights Education, Soft Skills, Coaching and Coaching when working with teams.
  • Working with inclusion through non-formal education.
  • Activities and programs in nature, frisbee and slackline as a means of learning.

Target groups I work with: Young people, youth leaders, volunteers, students, people with disabilities, educators, social workers, officials, athletes, business, academics, professional interest groups ... With people in their places and with people still looking for. International groups and age-mixed groups.

Preferably across sectors.

Formal - Mgr., Psychosocial Studies and Hussite Theology at HTF UK, 2003 - 2013 Erasmus at Vilniaus Universitetas, Lithuania in 2008. Two-year self-experience training gestalt direction. Other professional courses and trainings, practices in the field of therapy and social services.
Informal - TOT, Training of trainers, SALTO, 2013-2014 - long-term courses for trainers in non-formal education (2004-2005) and in the area of ​​education for LP, language stay for youth workers from the Council of Europe outdoor lecture courses and the use of experiential pedagogy, medical course (regular renewal), low-rope licensing course (NLP), artetherapy, professional Alpine skiing instructor, facilitation course, crisis intervention,

In which languages ​​can I train: Czech, English, Slovak

Location of activity (where I am able to train): Prague, the whole of the Czech Republic, the whole of Europe and still further, I am used to work and travel for people and it makes me happy.

For more information: I have experience from different levels of organization functioning - I was a team leader and an office worker, a member of the team at Impact HUB Prague, a member of the Free Commitment on Freedom at Work (Peoplecomm, Tomáš Hajzler), for many years I have been a tradesman and a freelancer.

Since 2003, we have worked with IYNF (International Young Naturefriends, I have been practicing for several years in the social area with risky youth and with wheelchairs as a coordinator of volunteer assistants.

I have run an International Impact Award for Young Students.

I often work with educators. For example, I was involved in the OPIM Living Library project and the and SMOK project.

2011-2013 is a member of the European Youth Forum ( trainers group.

Since 2005 I have been working as a trainer and facilitator for the National Agencies of the Youth in Action Program, Salta and other agencies. For the Czech NA all the time all the time.

I like to connect, look for real needs and prepare a tailor-made program. I have a holistic approach and I am delighted to bring all that I learn in my life to educational activities. Use unconventional elements.

In my personal life, I dedicate myself to the Ultimate Frisbee and the co-leadership of the Czech Flying Disc Association (10 Flight of the Sports Association), slackline, urban cycling, knitting, repair of old furniture, dance and contact improvisation, singing, 10 years of experience with amateur theater.

I am a member of the international team of SALTO trainers. You can view my profile at: Salto-youth

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