Marker CS: What do the participants see?

Marker CS 2018 training is open for registration, we accept the first application by mid November. If you are interested in details, check out, where you can find a link to the login form. This article provides an evaluation of participants in the last year of training.

Zuzana Ševčková from TeCeMka:

At Marker CS you will find out what is needed for young people and experience the themes you can use in working with young people. Education is challenging but open to those who want to use quality in their work.

Rudko Rusňák from Healthy Communities:

For Roma, formal education is often difficult to understand, and I think it is a lecture form of learning. It is great to lead them to experience learning and informal. Thanks to Marker, I know how to do it.

Zuzka Plachka from ARPOK:

Training that not only gives you knowledge, like most others, but also experience. But it will mainly kick you into thinking what and why it makes sense to inspire you how to do it.

Jana Pastyříková of the Association DICE:

MarkerCS is a three-phase ride full of information storms, moments, great people, new experiences. Marker will teach you how to bake the most amiable activities in the most professional and engaging form.

Veronika Tarajová from VIAC:

If you are keen to become a high-quality youth worker and want to get new inspiration, increase your skills, make the most of your potential and get motivated to work with young people, make use of the Marker CS, and get truly top international training with a great lecture team.

Jana Ďaďová of the Socrates Institute:

Unique youth work training that moves you personally, professionally and personally. It will change your attitudes towards youth, give you individual support, tools, and theoretically and practically teach you the quality and meaningful preparation, guidance and evaluation of educational activities.

Braňo Čukan of the House of Culture Handlová:

He makes a ready-made youth worker from You. You no longer need any other education.

Martin Křížek:

It's incredible how much energy and preparation Marker CS invests in his team. And in the quality and atmosphere of the training is really to know.

Dominika Erbeková:

Long-term training, which sometimes does not make sense, but eventually it all comes to a halt. It is suitable for working with youth of different types.

Žofia Bosáková:

When you want to increase your skills in a playful and instructive way Marker is here for you!

Martina Javoříková:

Hold on to the end, it's worth it!

Jaroslav Dodok wrote the whole article on his own blog.

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