A Kind of Magic

A Kind of Magic is a long-term international training for youth workers focused on working with diversity - diversity.
The project consists of 2 residential trainings and a practical phase between trainings where participants implement their own educational activity.
  • 1.coaching: 9.-16.2.2018 in the Czech Republic, ecological center Sluňákov: www.slunakov.cz
  • 2. training: 21.-27.5.2018 in Italy, about 120km from Rome, Sermugnano center
  • practical phase: March - April 2018
Participated in 28 youth workers who work with disadvantaged youth or young people from a cultural, social, religious, or other minority. Together develop the knowledge and skills needed to work with youth, prepare high-quality educational activities, and work with the theme of diversity - and found effective strategies to combat stereotypes and stigmatization associated with marginalized groups. They also shared interesting methods, techniques and skills to help them create a friendly and welcoming environment for openness.
During the practical phase, they worked on their own projects with the support of the team and other participants - in the form of coaching and consultations.
The project was organized in cooperation with six other organizations from six different European Union countries.
The project was funded by the program Erasmus +.


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