A Kind of Magic

A Kind of Magic is a long-term international training for youth workers, focusing on the theme of diversity work - diversity.
The project consists of 2 residential trainings and a practical phase between trainings where participants implement their own educational activity.
  • 1.coaching: 9.-16.2.2018 in the Czech Republic, ecological center Sluňákov:www.slunakov.cz
  • 2. training: 21.-27.5.2018 in Italy, about 120km from Rome, Sermugnano center
  • practical phase: March - April 2018
During the first training, participants will develop the knowledge and skills needed to work with youth, prepare high quality educational activities, and work on diversity - diversity. During the practical phase, participants will receive support in the form of coaching and consultation with the team and other participants.
Priority will be given to participants who work amongst others with young people who are somehow disadvantaged or young people from a minority (cultural, social, religious ...).


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