Communication 4 Cooperation

training for youth workers in Portugal

Training for Communication for Cooperation was organized by Ha Moment in cooperation with Associazione Agrado in October 2017 in Lisbon. ANEV has sent two great participants to Hank and Eve. During 5 days, 20 participants from 10 countries have been working to improve their communication skills to apply in their youth activities. The training was based on knowledge and practical testing of communicative methods, such as constructive feedback, non-violent communication, transactional analysis, IT tools for communication, public performance, or assertiveness. After the training, the participants plan to follow up and work on the manual "How to C4C?", Which will be available to the wider professional public.

Participant Eva Blechová evaluates the training as follows: "We spent an incredibly positive and beautiful week on training in sunny Lisbon. We met other people from different parts of the world (Norway, Iceland, Finland-Pakistan, Slovenia, Poland, Italy-Bulgaria, Macedonia, Spain-Colombia, Greece and, of course, visiting Portugal). The course was balanced, so we experienced a lot of fun in the form of non-formal education, so we learned a lot of new things from the field of psychology, communication, ICT, public speaking, which we could apply to practice. Sometimes words simply are not enough and they have to experience it. So we thank ANEV and Ha Moment for allowing us to take part in this super-organized course and that we could proudly represent our republic. Thanks to Erasmus + projects, the world is doing less. "

Supported by Erasmus +.


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