EVS Gathering

Sharing experiences and mutual inspiration of the European Voluntary Service Coordinators

This training was a follow-up to last year's successful international EVS in Our Hands. It responded both to research outputs on the needs mapping needs of EDS coordinators and to the newly identified needs of EDS coordinators of last year's EVS In Our Hands.

Our main goal was to help improve the quality of work with EDS volunteers in accredited organizations, with an emphasis on the personal and professional development of EDS coordinators and mentors, the desire to do this with conviction, taste, motivation, and with sufficient knowledge and competencies such a job need.

The main output of the project is publication and website EVS Galaxy, which provides complete instruction and inspiration to anyone working with EDS, composed of contributions from experienced co-ordinators, mentors, or accrediters.

In the fall of 2017, the project was awarded to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports within the framework of the competition Quality seal (pdf format).

The partial goals of the EVS Gathering training were as follows:

  • developing competences and motivating EDS coordinators;
  • deepening knowledge and skills in communication (giving feedback, openly communicating in a foreign language how to efficiently and naturally lead long-term EDS projects to support the learning process during EDS), including conflict resolution, intercultural dimension in projects;
  • sharing examples of good practice, tips and experience of coordinators for development, inspiration, improvement and improvement of the work of EDS coordinators - this time especially through study visits in total 4 local. host organizations of Silesian Diaconia;
  • support for networking between represented organizations and participants (EU countries, CEEA and SEE regions).

We plan to continue - follow us 🙂


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