We went through training to measure quality in youth work

With the preparation of the next year of well-trained Marker CS training, a preparatory team composed of members of the ANEV and our Slovak partner YouthWatch underwent training on quality measurement in youth work. Jonas Agdur, who leads the organization, ran an expert on the subject InterCity Youthand initiated the setting up of a quality measurement system for youth work in Sweden. We have focused on defining quality, qualitative indicators and objectives and how to effectively set up the process of evaluating indicators. We, of course, have all used straight for Marker CS - we have set qualitative training indicators (for example, in the field of training impact) and we have been thinking about how best to present the topic to future participants as well.

After the training, we continued the preparation of Markeru CS for the 2018 year, which will be launched in March. The training is set here - and now better, better. The registration process takes place in 15 in the first round. November, in the second to 19. December - do not hesitate! site whether Facebook Markeru CS.

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