Talking YouthWork podcasts

We remind all those who are inspired and want to know what is happening in the field of youth work that our FutureLabs project gradually publishes on its website interesting interviews on innovative methods and interesting approaches to youth work.

Individual interviews are very well prepared by the organization team Team Mais (Lisbon, Portugal), in cooperation with representatives of the Finnish University Humak, University of Applied Sciences (Helsinki, Finland).

If you are interested in how it all came about, you can read about the project directly FutureLabs website.

So ... listen to yourself and let yourself be inspired by interviews with (e):

  • Nerijus Kriauciunas o connecting the digital world with youth work - More information and necessary web links FutureLabs.
  • Gergelly Kiss about the effect of improvising theater in working with young people - more information and necessary links on the web FutureLabs.
  • Stephan Schölzel about use videoher to improve social and other skills - additional information and necessary links to the site FutureLabs.
  • Ellen Anthoni a Tomáš Pešek about trends among young people and the possibilities of using so- trendwatching - More information and necessary weblinks FutureLabs.
  • Gabi Steinprinz, who will tell you something about Educational space rooms and how it uses them when working with youth - more information and useful links on the web FutureLabs.

We plan to process and publish the project as a whole 14 conversations. So do not miss them!

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