Zdeněk Hendrych

"Make the present moment in the most wonderful moment of your life"
Contact: zhendrych@gmail.com, + 420 724 923 573

Thematic areas with which I work: Project logic and project design, soft competence, self-development.

Target groups I work with: Young people aged 11 - 30 years, youth workers, volunteers, people motivated to work.

Education: Formal: Free Time Teacher (JABOK, Qualification Study, 2014), Experiential Reflective Learning (FFMU, Academic Personality Development Center, 2015 - 2017).

(2016 - Present), Experimental Pedagogy (PŠL, 2014), Vypsaná fixa (Special Education, 2013 - 2014), Special effect (Erasmus + Training Skills, 2016 ), Project Management (Youth in Action, 2014).

Additional testimonial: recuperation health worker, head of children's camp, instructor of low rope activities.

In which languages ​​can I train: English and Spanish

Location of activity (where I am able to train): Czech Republic, Europe.

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